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Dream Resorts & Hotels

Dream Resorts & Hotels - Innovative Advisory Services, www.dreamresorts.es, is dedicated to offering turnkey solutions for the development of Resorts and Hotels that are commercially and financially attractive. It was conceived and founded by THR, www.thr.es, one of the world's leading Tourism consultancies, based in Barcelona.

DRH's approach is to first design the experiences, emotions and history that will render the resort unique and appealing for visitors to stay there. Then DRH develops the scenario in which the experiences become vivid and the 'story' is realised: landscaping, architectural concept and interior design. As a final step DRF optimises the financial architecture and develops innovative marketing plans that secure optimum sales.

DRH's unique strength arises from the combination of exceptional talent in the fields of marketing, finance, town planning and architecture, all focused on a single purpose: optimising clients' business.

DRH's experience, www.dreamresorts.es/en/success-stories, covers projects all over the world (5 continents).

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