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Report: Hotel Brands in Greece

This report shapes a clear and up to date picture of the current hotel brand landscape in Greece. The report contains clear analysis of hotel brands in Greece and gives an overview of each brand and its Greek hotel members, an extensive analysis on hotel branding per hotel category as well as analysis per geographic region (see summary and table of contents below).

Report date: September 2013
Price: € 195
Pages: 489
Format: PDF
Language: English

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Which brands are covered in the report

The report incorporates branded chains which have at least two hotel properties in their portfolio and are branded as a group. Four brand types have been categorised and analysed:

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Methodology

  3. Hotel sector in Greece (snapshot of total number of hotels / rooms in Greece)

  4. Hotel brands in Greece

    4.1 Overview
    4.2 Analysis per hotel category
    4.3 Multiple branding
    4.4 Analysis per geographic area (prefecture)


A: Detailed overview per brand including company logos

B: Map of prefectures of Greece

C: Detailed analysis per prefecture

Tables, Figures and Maps





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